Save time and money. Gifts go out automatically, leaving you free to focus on your current clients and new business.



Generate goodwill. Each gift is personalized to your clients with your branding. They’ll know at a glance who it’s from.



Stay top of mind. Cultivate repeat and referral business when your personalized gifts show up to surprise and delight.

Easy & Effective


Done for you. You don’t have to lift a finger and these gifts go out like clockwork throughout the year. AWESOME!

You’ve closed the deal. Excellent! Now what?

How do you keep the connection so that your satisfied clients refer you to others or come back for repeat business?

Introducing…the Simple Connexions Real Estate Closing Gift Program! We’ve taken the guess work—and the leg work—out of closing gifts and then ELEVATED the practice with our fully automated, personalized gift program.

Not only will this three-gift program delight your clients at closing, but it’ll keep your name “top of mind” throughout the year, your best window for repeats and referrals!

You’ll save loads of time and money, while fostering a lasting, memorable connection.

Simple Connexions…truly the gifts that keep on giving!

"In Appreciation" Gift #1

Here’s all you have to do—EVER!

  1. Purchase your program(s).Each program consists of 3 gifts delivered 6 months apart—automatically—and you can start the program for a client any time you like. HINT: Cover all your needs for the year and get the best value by purchasing 25 programs (only $99 each).
  2. Upload your personalization. Each gift is sent with a beautifully produced insert card with a warm note of appreciation, customized with your information so that your clients always know who sent their treasured gift. As soon as you purchase your programs, we’ll send you a link to upload your personalization elements, such as photo, logo, contact details, etc. This step happens one time only.
  3. Send gift recipient information. Each time you wish to kickoff a closing gift program, you’ll fill out an online form on our site with the client’s name and address.

That’s it. We take it from there! It’s literally as easy as 1-2-3.

These 3 gifts and messages will surprise and delight your clients like clockwork every 6 months.

It’s such a great way to stay “top-of-mind” with the people who can send you repeat business and referrals!