Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Each gift is sent with a beautifully produced insert card with a warm note of appreciation. It will include your logo or photo, contact details, and your custom closing (e.g., “Yours in service, John Doe” or “Warmly, Carla”). We collect that information from you as soon as you purchase gift programs so that we’ll have it on hand to personalize each of the 3 gifts. Your clients will always know who their treasured gift comes from.

The Simple Connexions Closing Gift Program—a series of 3 gifts sent every 6 months—is available for as low as $99 (plus shipping) for the entire program. Take advantage of our quantity discounts and stock up for the year. It’s a great value and a fantastic way to keep in touch and stay top of mind with your clients to keep that repeat and referral business flowing.

Absolutely! While you may purchase 10 or 25 programs at one time, the exact start date for each 3-gift series is up to you. Whenever you close a home sale or purchase, you’ll upload your gift recipient info onto a private form on our website, thereby starting the series. Once the series has commenced, there’s nothing more for you to do. Your clients will get Gift #1 at closing, Gift #2 in 6 months, and Gift #3 at the 1-year mark—without you lifting a finger!

The first gift is sent immediately after you upload your gift recipient’s details. Six months later, at a point when statistically speaking, most people will have forgotten the name of their real estate professional, the second gift ships. And finally, the third gift is sent 6 months after the second one. This provides you with a whole year of welcome contact with your clients, keeping you “top-of-mind” when they think of buying or selling, or when they know someone who is.

Our prepaid, automated gift program consists of three gift boxes over the course of one year and cannot be canceled or refunded. Once the third and final gift is delivered, the subscription is concluded. However, in certain circumstances (such as death of a client), we can suspend shipments. Just submit a customer support ticket to let us know.